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Dealing With Baby Eczema & Dry Skin: Best Unscented Skincare

Dealing With Baby Eczema & Dry Skin: Best Unscented Skincare 0

Dealing with Baby Eczema and dry skin

Baby Eczema is frustrating for the babies and moms out there. This is especially overwhelming for first-time moms as they are not sure how it came up or how to fix it. As well as, you want to avoid using “prescription-based” products that contain chemicals that you may or may not be aware of that are harmful to the health of your baby’s skin.

 So the best option is to use an organic product.

These are made with 100% natural ingredients that are rich in minerals that can correct any imbalance on their skin. At Darlyng & Co we have our “Natural Healing Body Cream”. It is rich in Shea butter, cocoa butter, turmeric, and colloidal oats. 


 Let’s delve into each one:


SHEA BUTTER: Shea butter is one of the more popular ingredients as it is used by adults.

So, who said it wouldn’t be great for our babies? Shea butter is extracted from two oily kernels from the seeds of the shea tree. When the kernels are boiled, the “oil” rises to the top and then solidifies to get the shea butter. The butter is rich in oils and emollients that can penetrate the deepest layer of the skin. The oil will then impart its minerals beneath the skin to hydrate and nourish it. The kin will be provided with a mineral/vitamin that is lacking that has caused your baby’s eczema to flare up.


COLLOIDAL OATSNext, we have colloidal oats.

Once applied to the skin, it pulls moisture into the skin. For example, if you use it after bathing your baby, I will trap the moisture from the water droplets into his/her skin. Then, it keeps it locked in as a protective barrier. And more importantly, it will always have a consistent supply of hydration so the skin will never become dehydrated.


TURMERIC – Then, we have turmeric.

Turmeric is another popular ingredient that is used in a lot of DIY skin products. If it works for your skin, there is a high probability that it will work for your child. It will aid in healing any wounds that have come from eczema. This could be due to your baby scratching their skin and scalp. As well as, reducing and brightening any dark spots that are on their skin.


COCOA BUTTER – And finally is cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is like shea butter as it is rich in emollients. As well as, it is rich in fatty acids that are key for our skin. The minerals (specifically antioxidants) will reduce inflammation beneath the skin that is causing the skin to flare up. 

 Not only is it food for baby eczema, but it can be used for diaper rash, cradle cap, dryness, psoriasis and much more. All our products are made with the health of your baby in mind. And as such, natural ingredients are used to help to revitalize, replenish, and rejuvenate the health of your baby.  


We are over the moon excited to Announce our Co-Founder Tara Darnley (and baby Amir in the tummy) will be making an appearance on Steve Harvey's brand new Entrepreneur Show- Funderdome 
Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME is a seed-funding competition reality series where two budding entrepreneurs go head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies. The audience represents the "customer" and, as the customer is always right, they vote to determine the winner. But the entrepreneurs will face a major dilemma: one of them is allowed to cash out and walk away for less money. But if an entrepreneur cashes out, they forgo the opportunity to win the whole cash prize for that round—a good move if they lost the crowd vote, but a bad move if they would have won it.
Our Episode airs on July 30th at 9 pm est!!!!!
Are you curious to see what Tara said to leave Steve speechless!? So are we.
Be sure to watch Live and Tweet with us and we'll be streaming Live on our Facebook Page




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Darlyng Moms Meetup in NYC! 0

I recently met up with some of our Darlyng Moms and their adorable Darlyng Babies and we at such a blast in the city with the kiddos. We relaxed at the park and talked everything parenting and shared some new products with them. We were able to get great feedback on what they expect from us moving forward and how we can better serve them in the future.

With Alethia being a few months older, I definitely had baby fever!

We totally took over the park with our Yummy Mitts! Breastfeeding and teething is fun with the Yummy Mitt :) 

I absolutely love connecting with our customers (who are now great friends) and growing our brand with them in mind at all times. I plan on doing several meetups like this throughout the year going forward. Stay tuned....





Darlyng Moms Meetup in NYC! 0

I recently met up with some of our Darlyng Moms and their adorable Darlyng Babies and we had a blast. Take a look...

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