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The One Sensory Plush Toy You Have to Get for Your Baby! Yummy Buddy Teether Plush Toy 0

Children have a natural inclination towards plush toys. And who can blame them? They are soft, smooth, mushy and cuddly chances are your little one now has more plush toys than they can play with in a lifetime. But there's one more plush toy you should really consider adding to their collection, especially if they're in the teething stage. It's the Yummy Buddy Teether Plush Toy.


A Buddy in Deed!

The trouble with teething is that the urge to bite, chew, or scratch the gum can strike at any time. Times like when your baby is playing and having fun with his favorite plush toy. You know that he or she is not going to think twice about gnawing at that expensive plush toy. It probably wouldn't have been a problem if it weren't going to be soaked in drool and later become a breeding site for mold. Not good.


It's situations like this that the Yummy Buddy was designed for. It's a sensory chew toy that' is always there when your little one is playing and just needs a chomp. It features chewable silicone hands (just like the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten) and a chewable bib.


More Than Just a Buddy

Aside from supporting teething and being a wonderful adorable playmate, the Yummy Buddy boasts a strategic design that will engage your little one's vision, auditory and fine motor skills.  It features multiple sensory textures, bright contrasting patterns, which will fascinate baby as the eyesight develops and they discover new sounds and textures.


Since teething can start quite early, the Yummy Buddy is suitable from 3 months onwards and perfect for toddlers whose expecting their molars to come in. Plus, it is reassuring to know that this sensory chew toy is BPA, Lead, and PVC Free.

So you never have to feel guilty if the next plush toy you get is the Yummy Buddy. It's a multi-functional toy that your LO will love for years to come.

 Check out Lyra in complete play mode with her Yummy Buddy and Learn More Here.



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