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Parenting Tips — teething tips


The Best Teething Mittens to Soothe Your Teething Baby's Gum 1

Most households with a baby eagerly wait for the first sign of a baby's teeth. However, overall teething is an unpleasant experience for many. You will find that there is no pattern when a baby will begin teething. No warnings of how painful the experience will be or how long the process will be. For some babies, it may take place overnight, while for others it just might take a long time.

There are lots of choices available nowadays to relieve the pain of babies experiencing the teething phase. And the majority of parents agree on using them. One of these options is baby teething toys. These are hygienic for your babies as well. And once they reach their second birthday, this painful experience should be over with twenty set of primary teeth. Infant teething toys are colorful and a lot of fun to have.

Infants cannot properly grasp a teething toy or ring until roughly the age of five months plus, but their signs of teething can start a long time before this. Yummy Mitt Mitten Junior (happy hand limited edition) features an adjustable velcro closure to secure safely to a baby's hand. It also cancels out the need to regularly hold toys to the mouth of a baby and puts an end to toys getting dropped on the floor when out and about.

Your little one will fall in love with the Yummy Mitt Teething Mittens. They are fashionable, adorable, and fit over baby’s hand, making it possible for them to self-soothe their irritated, itchy, gums. These mittens let babies give teething relief to themselves while at the same time preventing dropping the teether, gagging and the need for a continual parental help.

The Mitts are also fun to use at night. Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten- Blue & Orange glows at night, and the non-toxic lighting ensures it is easy for infant and parents to locate at nighttime.

Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten-Beige & Green offers parents the satisfaction of being aware that they are doing the proper thing by using it to keep teething infant safe from saliva irritating their skin, scratching themselves, and reduce the possibility of getting blisters from sucking the thumb.

Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten - Pink & Turquoise assists fussy, crying infants by minimizing pain from teething. This baby safe, chemical free, all natural, convenient approach to relieving pain as a result of teething will change a fussy infant to a smiling one very quickly, and make parents feel great that they are assisting their little one to feel better.

The contrasting colors and pain alleviating texture of Yummy Mitt Mitten Junior (happy hand limited edition) will arouse learning to help little one reach their developmental milestones quicker. Since infant entertains themselves, the Parent has enough time to take a shower, finish a meal, or even call a friend.

Yummy Mitt Mittens are designed to last for a long time and are safe. Each Mitt is created with food grade silicone and BPA and phthalate-free. Mothers love that each one is available with a complimentary laundry/travel bag, are machine washable and very simple to clean. Give your baby the gift of managing teeth relief by themselves and yourself the gift of free hands! The best happy hand teething mitten on the market!


 As parents, you must have experienced that around 6 months or even earlier, suddenly your sweet child turns into a drooling biting giant that seems unable to sleep and very crabby for lack of better word. Then you realize that it’s actually their emerging teeth that are causing this mess. Teething is a very difficult time for parents and babies itself. But here is a guide to answer most of your queries and questions.

What is teething?

Teething is a natural process when the primary teeth of baby start breaking through its soft gums. Primary teeth are the first set of teeth that emerge from their fragile gum. Teething is a very difficult stage of parenting as the baby becomes extremely restless. 

When does teething begin:

Primary teeth are 20 in number which emerges from time to time. Teething normally starts when the baby is 6 months old. But it varies and can range from 3 months to 12 months. Around 3 years of age, all the primary teeth will have emerged.

The Sequence of teething:

Teething usually follows a specific sequence. The first teeth that appear for an infant are the front teeth of the lower jaw. The 1-2 months later, front teeth of upper jaw appear. Rest of the sequence is as follows:

  • 10 months: Lateral incisors( upper and lower)
  • 1year 2months: first molars
  • 5 years: canines
  • 2 years: second molars

But this sequence varies among babies and can have variations. It depends upon genetic factors and softness of gums.

Symptoms of teething:

How will you know whether or not a baby is teething? Well! When teething begins, the baby begins to show some symptoms. As a parent, you must pay attention to them around the teething age. The following are some symptoms:

Troubled sleep:

Sleep usually becomes disturbed when the teething process begins. So take note when the baby becomes restless and doesn't care to sleep at night. Try to settle down the baby and keep the sleeping time of teething baby regular. 


Drooling is a natural thing but when it becomes excessive then you should consider that it may be teething. This excessive drooling can cause soreness on the chin because it becomes wet. So constantly keeping the baby dry is key.

Excessive biting:

Teething Babies usually relieve their pain by doing the counter thing that is excessive biting and chewing. They will chew and bite anything they find. So when the biting becomes severe check for teething immediately. The chewing applies pressure on their gums and alleviates pain.

More crying than usual:

 Teething usually causes the inflammation of gums due to which crying becomes a major issue.Teething toys can be a great distraction

Decreased appetite:

During teething, babies refuse to eat and it may cause more pain for them to eat. It is because feeding stimulates the pain in gums even more. But parents should feed them anyway to maintain their caloric requirements. 

The baby becomes irritable:

 Irritability is a very common issue in teething babies. When teeth start poking through the gums, babies start creating the fuss. Try to calm them by relieving their pain.

Pulling ears and rubbing cheeks:

Teething babies sometimes start pulling their ears and continuously rub their cheeks. It is because the pain in gums is also referred to these areas because of common nerve supply. So you should consult the pediatrician if such symptoms appear

A cough and gag:

As teething is associated with excessive drooling so this may result in coughing. Baby can also present with gagging due to increased saliva. There is no need to worry if other abnormal symptoms like fever, flu etc. are not present.

To conclude, teething is a very important and difficult step in parenting and much care of the baby should be taken during this phase. Our products have got you covered with all such problems.



Our Feature on Brooklyn News 12 - Parenting 411: Teething Babies 0

We were Today's feature for our Local News Channel Parenting Segment.

We were invited to chat all about the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten today and all it's benefits during the teething stage. Our Founder, Tara, and her adorable teething son, Amir were on Brooklyn News 12 for the Parenting 411 Segment sharing tips. Amir is currently teething and was an amazing brand ambassador for his Parent's invention which was first inspired by his big sister.   






    I'm almost certain all Parents are familiar with the cranky phase their precious little Angels go through when they begin teething. When those sharp teeth begin to come out of their soft gums, babies turn into crying, uncontrollable monsters. This phase is a very tough time for parents as they mostly have no idea what to do. How do I know, this is going on right now in our home. This once handsome newborn is now a raging teething monster. Being a Mompreneur and constantly having to be on the move means "NO-ONE HAS TIME FOR TEETHING"!

This is our second time around and we are completely prepared for this dreaded phase. So don't worry, I got you covered with my top 14 teething remedies in no particular order.

 Here are some simple tips to relieve the pain and restlessness for your LO, Let's take back your SANITY and kick teethings Butt.

1) Massage Baby's Gums:   

It is an old-fashioned remedy for teething but always helpful. Just massage the sour gums of your baby with the help of your finger. But make sure that your fingers are clean. This light contouring will help in relieving the pain of baby.

2) Cold Baby Spoon:

Cold has a very soothing effect on inflamed area. Take a spoon and put it in the refrigerator for some time. Now apply cold to the baby's gums with this spoon. But try to avoid the contact of extreme cold things.

3) Feed cold food:

Use chilled vegetables or food for your teething baby. You can use some yogurt or applesauce. Such food will help in relieving the pain in gums and give a soothing effect. 

4) Apply pressure:

Applying pressure is a very useful strategy for distracting the brain from the feelings of pain. You can use a teether for this purpose. There are many types of teethers available. Just select the one that suits your baby. Babies will be much relaxed when pressure is applied on their gums.

5) Use honey:

Honey has a very soothing effect on inflamed gums. Just apply some honey on the affected gums and it will be of great help to the baby for teething relief.  But remember that honey should not be given to babies under 1 year of age.

6) Ginger:

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. So rub some ginger on the swollen gums to relieve the teething symptoms.

7) Use hard foods:

Solid foods can be used for applying pressure. If your baby has started eating solid foods then give him some carrot or cucumber for gnawing. But keep the baby in your sight to prevent the hazards of choking.

8) Wooden Teethers: 

Wooden Teethers are all natural and made with natural wood. Baby's sometimes like to chew on a hard surface and this is a perfect choice for them. Our Remote Control Wooden Teethers are a great alternative to prevent your little one from chewing on your own remote! It's anti-bacterial, organic and non-splintering. We also have a Soda Can design, because what baby doesn't love chewing on a Soda Can.

9) Teething Toys:

Chewing is the utmost desire of teething babies. It’s baby's natural strategy to get rid of teething symptoms so they always find themselves something to chew on. For this purpose different sort of teethers and toys are used. Toys must be made up of silicone instead of latex. Bpa free selections are a must to guarantee there are no toxic bacteria for your little one. Most babies begin teething before developing their dexterity. A best seller like the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten is a great solution for them. A teething mitten they don't have to hold, but instead worn like a mitten and parents don't have to worry about it constantly falling to the floor! A win-win for everyone.

10) Use of clove:

Clove is known as the best anesthetic. So clove oil will cause numbness in the gums and relieve the discomfort of the baby.

11) Breastfeeding: 

Every baby behaves differently while teething. Some like to be breastfed while others may not. But you should try to feed them because they will find comfort and soothing effect by this. To prevent biting just run your finger on the gums of the baby before breastfeeding.     In addition, babies are less likely to bite from teething if they are properly latched on while feeding.

12) Almond Extract:

Mix a little almond extract with water and rub on the gums for pain relief.

13) Distraction: 

Sometimes a change of scenery or activity is all it takes to help distract baby from teething pain, at least temporarily. Try running a bath for baby, the warm water may help them to relax or even just some giving some unexpected cuddle time.

14) Plush Teething Toys:

Plush Toys will be of great help for teething babies. Plush toys are a great friend and cuddly accessory for teething infants. Yet, not most can be chewed on, until now. The Yummy Buddy Teether Plush Toy is the perfecting chew buddy for your little chewing monster. This plush has "Glow" in the dark chewable hands along with a chewable bib and hang tag. This plush has a backpack that can be used for storage of additional toys for on the go so your Lo can carry extra toys for long trips or short stroller rides. It's the perfect toy for traveling. With its multi-color feature and many sensory features from crinkly ears, sensory black & white patterns and adorable face. 

I am sure that the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you out in the teething phase of your baby. If you have a tip of your own, leave us a comment below to share. After all, sharing is CARING!


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