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The Perfect Transition: Sippy cup?

The Perfect Transition: Sippy cup? 0

The perfect transition sippy cup:

We all know that breast is best for our babies.
And weaning them off our boobies can become a task especially if our breasts are our children’s comfort zone. Therefore, they can’t sleep or feel some sense of comfort without them. And in trying to wean them off we try various sippy cups. Our child doesn’t take to any for multiple reasons. The cup could be uncomfortable in their mouth, the rubber is easily worn out, the rubber starts to break apart once they bite into it, stores germs/bacteria, and it molds easily and so much more. So, to avoid all of that there is the perfect transition cup for designed with your baby (and you) in mind.

Darlyng & co-presents our Transition Anti-Bacterial Bite & Release Sippy Cup with straw:

We have heard your cries, comments, and concerns. And we understand that you just want to continue feeding your child without the fuss, tantrums, and harming them in any way.

Here are the benefits of using our Sippy Cup:



1. Durable Spout -> The spout is made with a silicone soft material. Therefore, making it easy to manipulate while your baby puts pressure on it to get the liquid out. Also, if your toddlers start teething, they will be baled to bite down on it for some relief. Tiff they are biting hard, the spout can stand up against the pressure so it will not wear, tear od damage easily. In addition, it is a spill and leak proof. If the bottle drops or turns over on the table, there will be no mess on your carpet or floor. The liquid is only released when pressured is applied which is when they are biting


2. Removable Handle -> We all know kids like to hold on stuff whether it is your fingers their toys and especially their bottles. The handles are designed downward so that your baby can grip the bottle’s handles at any angle. In addition, it has the small spokes that allow the grip to be firm so that their hand doesn’t slide off when they are drinking.


 3. Tinted Transparent Bottle -> The bottle is made with an antibacterial material that prevents different bacteria from festering or building upon the bottle, like other bottles. The material is what gives the bottle the slighted tinted color. However, if you hold it up to the light you will be able to determine what liquid is in there if it is milk, juice, water, etc.


 4. Easy to Drink From> Similarly to the spout, the straw is made of silicone as well. It requires pressure to move up the water. As well as, it will not be easily worn down by your child sucking, biting, or throwing the bottle across the room. 


 5. Dishwasher Safe> The bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe. All the parts can be easily and quickly removed, placed in the dishwasher for a deep clean, and placed right back together for your baby for the next day.


6. 100% Safe for Babies – The bottle is 100% BPA, LEAD, and PVC Free.

We know it works because our customers from all over the world have let us wonderful reviews about the sippy cup. And we know you will love it too!



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