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Black Owned Kids Brands To Shop With During The Holidays

Black Owned Kids Brands To Shop With During The Holidays 0

Black-Owned Kids Brands to Shop with During the Holidays


BY Darlyng & Co

 Darlyng & Co. wants to make it easy for you to shop for your Darlyngs this holiday season and save you time getting your shopping done!

So we have come up with a list of companies that will help you get all the children gifts you need for the holiday season.


            Black-Owned Kids Brands to Shop:

                        DARLYNG & CO

At Darlyng & Co., we help parents through every step of the journey by offering them peace of mind with our line of over 60 safe and stylish kids products and apparel. Providing everyday essentials for everyday parenting.

Our signature product, the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten was the innovative result of their effort and it worked like a charm for their baby girl! It fit securely over her hand, was soft enough to chew on and provided the comfort she needed, all without needing to be held. This moment began the journey that would evolve into Darlyng & Co., the brand. Check out their Holiday Box Here


What they sell: Everything! Darlyng offers everything you could need for your baby.

Shop Darlyng & Co


                   YINIBINI BABY



Yinibini baby’s clothing and accessories are amazing. There is a great variety of stylish patterns, fun colors and clever designs

They have received multiple awards and recognition for their handmade products.


They sell: Organic cotton baby clothes

Shop YiniBini Baby


                      CocoPie Clothing

 Inspired by her two girls, Mikayla and Kennedy, whom she lovingly calls her “coco pies,” Shantae decided to create her own line of shirts that her daughters could wear with pride as often as they wanted to. CocoPie Clothing became a new passion and after the first set of 12 shirts sold out, she knew this was a dream worth pursuing

Today they have a full line of onesies, tees, and sweatshirts for children and women in a variety of sizes, that amplify the essence of black culture


They sell: onesies, tees, and sweatshirts

  Shop Coco’Pie


                        KIDO CHICAGO     


Kido is a children's shop with a lot of HEART.

Founded by parents Keewa and Doug in 2016, Kido was voted Best of Chicago by Chicago Magazine in 2019.
This small shop focuses on representation and inclusivity. Learn about other cultures, get to know your neighbors, and raise better citizens in the process.


They sell: Décor, toys, books and other kids products

Shop Kido Chicago


                 BRAVE AND KIND BOOKS          


This is a beautiful and existing place just waiting for your little one. They have great choices for kids books of all ages.

They offer writing classes for kids too!!


They sell: books

Shop and kind books


                            AVA AND ISA

Timeless linen & cotton children’s wear Their pinafore is just so cute, well-made, and practical! Savannah, GA Falls can be cool in the morning and warm by noon, and this piece transitions right along with the day/seasons! And, as always, it is heirloom quality and so lovingly made.


They sell: children’s wear

Shop Ava & Isa




Pretty Please Teethers aims to provide you and your teething littles with some much-needed teething relief while keeping a natural, modern, and minimalist style with their handmade items.


What they sell: Teethers, pacifiers clips, silicone bibs, and snack cups.

Shop Pretty Please Teether


                        HARPERLMAN DOLLS

                           HarperIman dolls have taken doll making to the next level with their uniquely designed, full of personality, handmade, keepsake linen dolls. 

HarperIman focuses on dolls of color to represent and celebrate all that is beautiful about textured hair and a variety of skin tones. As we obsess over the dolls' hair, personalized outfits and accessories, we couldn’t help but wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up with a keepsake doll that resembled the women around us. The inspiration behind HarperIman dolls is clear, but getting to learn more from the mother-daughter duo, Cynthia Watkins and Kathryn Burnett, themselves left us in awe of their brand.


What they sell: Dolls

Shop Harperlan dolls


                            PUZZLE HUDDLE


With his wife's support, Matthew Goins created Puzzle Huddle in January 2018. As a couple Matthew and Marnel have three children all under the age of seven.

Since launching a line of diversity focused puzzles, the company expanded to include wall decorations, t-shirts, pillows, and blankets.

The puzzle images largely represent themes that are important to their family: education, achievement, culture, religion, and diversity.


What they sell: Puzzles

Shop Puzzle Huddle


                    TIPPY TOT SHOES


 Tippy Tot Shoes is everyone's favorite luxury shoe brand for little Tots!!They are All in one high end boutique for one unique experience. Tippy Toe shoes is the upper echelon for designer toddler footwear. Their styles are in a class of its own with timeless pieces that make a bold statement.


What they sell: Shoes

Shop Tippy Toes Shoes


             OPAL AND FIG                                   


Opal and Fig is the home of Handmade heirloom dolls.

The owner named Ashley is the sole mind + hands behind OPAL + FIG. She is a wife and a mama to the sweetest little boy and girl.

After having children, she needed a creative outlet, and this little shop was born. All items handmade with so much love.


What they sell: Heirloom doll

 Shop Opal + Figs


                           PLAY PITS

Play Pit is the go to shop for 100% All Natural Deodorant for kids of all ages.

It started out as a mother’s solution to providing a kid-friendly, all natural hygiene option for children with active lifestyles. Play Pits has now grown to a trusted hygiene solution for the entire family offering products for teens, parents and of course young athletes everywhere!


What they sell: Deodorant for kids of all ages. 

Shop Play Pits



Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that empower young girls and represent the beauty of our diversity.

They have a medley of facial features, skin tones, and hair textures that can be styled in countless ways. Their dolls have multiple interests and aspirations which exposes young girls to their own unlimited career potential. Their goal is to represent the voices of young girls in the toy industry with products that empower, educate and inspire self-love.


What they sell: Dolls and storybooks

Shop Healthy Roots Dolls


                             FROBABIES HAIR


Fro babies Hair offers Natural Hair Care products for Curly Hair Kids.

All, children’s hair no matter the texture or length, should be nurtured, appreciated and unconditionally loved and Fro babies produce exactly that!!

Their hair products have NO Alcohol, NO Parabens, NO Mineral Oil, NO sulfate and contain the most effective ingredients to address your child's specific hair care needs.


What they sell: Natural Hair Products

Shop Fro babies Hair



Little Muffin cakes baby boutique is a character-based brand established to present high quality merchandise in the Marketplace that reflects the diversity of beauty in children.

They seek to provide the necessary building blocks of self-acceptance to promote high self-esteem in children of color from birth. Representation matters so Little Muffin cakes is filling voids by providing blankets, bibs, apparel, wrapping paper and other products with relatable imagery.


What they sell: blankets, bibs, apparel and wrapping paper

Shop Muffin Cakes


                       URBAN INTELLECTUALS  


Urban Intellectuals provides historical education products about the Black community.

Through their Black History Flashcards, UI provides positive black history, culture and news.

There motto is: Black Excellence > Ignorance


What they sell: flashcards

Shop UI





Crunchy Boutique is a Natural Parenting known mostly for its cloth diapers and other products including baby carriers, cloth diapers, toys and clothes.

It is a family owned business. On any given day you may see any one of seven family members working in some capacity at Crunchy Boutique.  It is operated on a day-to-day basis by Lauren Cain, her mother Keema Echols and her brother Brandon Echols.


They sell: cloth diapers, toys, clothes and other baby products.

Shop Crunchy Boutique


                   GABBY BOWS

Gaby, who is the CEO of confidence and also a keynote speaker together with her mom solved the Age old problem of disappearing hair bonnets by inventing Gabby Bows, the first and patentee double face – double snap barrette.

They have also created hair products to make styling easier.


They sell: Bows and hair products

Shop Gabby's Bows


                   FRERES BRANCHIAUX


Freres branchiaux was created by Collin, Ryan, and Austin Gill, 3 brothers who like to create good smelling candles---really really good smelling candles.

They hand pour soy scented candles in small batches. They want their candles to make you happy when you light them.


They sell: candles

Shop Freres branchiaux



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