We are getting ready to rebrand our company, website, products, look, and direction. All old orders will be refunded don't worry we are not going anywhere. Please be patient and bare with us as we transition. Only the boy and girl affirmation cards will be available for purchase as we restock. Thank you!

Brand Representatives


Hi Family, we are searching for Darlyng Parents looking to join our family. We are looking for micro-influencers who love producing amazing content to bring awareness to our brand. Our mission is simple, we want to help you and others become aware of our everyday essentials for everyday parents. We benefit only if you benefit.  We are building a community where you can freely exchange parenting tips and conversations around raising your darlyngs.


Increase awareness of Darlyng & Co and educate our customers through every step of the journey of parenting and providing you with peace of mind by offering over 100 safe and stylish kids products and apparel.


Quality Content- Videos & Photos

A minimum of 4 photos, videos or blog content a month

Content can include lifestyle photos, Youtube tutorials etc.


Earn 10% Commission when you refer friends & family

Save 25% off all individual purchases

Receive Freebies depending on posting consistency

Featured on our Social Media, Website and larger media platforms


Youtube Video Review/Tutorials

Instagram Post


Instagram Stories

Must tag @DarlyngAndCo and hashtag in caption #darlyngandco

Youtube and blog content linking back to www.DarlyngAndCo.com

Are you in? Let us know why you'd be a great fit and don't be shy.

Show us your best shot!  Submit Your Application TODAY!



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