We are getting ready to rebrand our company, website, products, look, and direction. All old orders will be refunded don't worry we are not going anywhere. Please be patient and bare with us as we transition. Only the boy and girl affirmation cards will be available for purchase as we restock. Thank you!

Certified by Cotton® Inc.

Darlyng & Co. is proudly certified by Cotton® Inc. If you've purchased our teething mittens, you've seen the Seal of Cotton proudly displayed as it is one of the world's most recognizable symbols. What does it mean?
This symbol represents our products being of high quality. Cotton Incorporated is committed to helping small businesses like ours, involved with nonwovens make the most of cotton in their products.
Cotton® is an environmentally friendly fiber and has been around for thousands of years making it one of the world’s oldest fibers. It is annually renewable, biodegradable, and regulated by the USDA as a food crop. Modern farming practices and agri-science advancements continue to optimize production so that market demand can be met without sacrificing the future integrity of natural resources.
We source all our products ethically and work closely with our manufacturers to provide the very best for our tiny customers, ensuring their safety at all times.
The Seal of Cotton is a trademark of Cotton Incorporated.


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