Parenting is a tough job that comes with long nights and lots of worry. On the other hand, it’s also full of soaring highs and precious moments that come through the simplest of things, like a high-pitched giggle or the gasp of surprise after a first step is taken. At Darlyng & Co., we help parents through every step of the journey by offering them peace of mind with our line of safe and stylish baby products and apparel.


When our founders, Carl and Tara Darnley, realized their daughter was teething early, they set out to find a teether she could use that didn’t require her to hold it. She was only two months old and didn’t have the dexterity to hold a traditional teether, so they wanted something she could put in her mouth that was a cleaner alternative to her hands but still offered relief. After a number of failed retail searches for something that met that need, they decided to make it themselves.

Our signature product, the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten was the innovative result of their effort and it worked like a charm for their baby girl! It fit securely over her hand, was soft enough to chew on and provided the comfort she needed, all without needing to be held. This moment began the journey that would evolve into Darlyng & Co., the brand.


The mission of Darlyng & Co. is to give parents one less thing to worry about when it comes to caring for their baby. We always have parents in mind in the design process and are proud to present products that are functional, toxic-free, sourced from high-quality materials, and aesthetically pleasing. As a concerned parent, we want you to shop with confidence, knowing that we send our products through rigorous testing to ensure we meet the highest safety standards and requirements. Our founders are committed to never putting something on the market they wouldn’t allow their own children to use.


Sold by fine retailers in the U.S. and internationally, we feature high-end, eco-friendly items that are ergonomically designed for babies of all abilities and stages. National attention has come our way via features or mentions on the Steve Harvey Show, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, and Marie Claire. Darlyng & Co. customers adore our collection of teething mittens, wooden teethers, toys, and the assortment of head ties, onesies, and other apparel items available in our store!


They thank us for creating something that actually works, promotes sleep due to increased comfort, and eliminates the worry of keeping up with dirty, germy teethers. That, more than anything is our goal - to give you less stress and more smiles for you and your baby to enjoy!









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